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Mission Statement:

To design and build custom iPhone applications for companies and corporations that further their branding, increase market share, and both entertain and inform their customers.

About Us

Firm Applications is a Vancouver based company that builds world class iPhone applications for companies and corporations.

We are iPhone applications specialists, and we have a passion for what we do.

Brilliant utilization of the iPhone's technology, high quality service, design and attention to detail allow us to cusomize the right app for your company.

New Product Announcement

Firm Applications Inc. Releases
i-Rewards Retail Rewards App
for iPhone and iPod Touch

First lottery-style instant-win pulltab game for iPhone and iPod Touch is fully customizable and scalable for large and small retail chains and stores
Vancouver, BC — December 21, 2009 — Firm Applications Inc., a developer of applications for the iPhone and iPod Touch, is pleased to announce the release of  i-Rewards, a customizable and scalable loyalty rewards retail application for large or small retail chains. The app is a fun and easy-to-use instant-win lottery-style pulltab game that customers enjoy playing over and over again, both to test their luck and to win valuable points that can be redeemed for anything from online or in-store discounts to digital coupons to loyalty program points to immediate rewards. Players receive new free pulltab tickets to play every day; this keeps them using the app and enables retailers to alert customers about daily/weekly special prices and new store features. 
“i-Rewards is an example of a free customer giveaway game that provides the retailer with a fun vehicle to connect with their customers while delivering offers, gifts and specials straight to their phones, either in-store or out in the community,” said Colin Adams, president of Firm Applications. “Meant to augment traditional loyalty programs, this app has been designed to meet the needs of retailers for an easy-to-use loyalty rewards program that not only delivers points and savings, but is a lot of fun for customers to play.”

“We can work with retailers and take our existing i-Rewards app, change the graphics and tweak it into a new custom-branded app for literally any interested retailer — from grocery, coffee or clothing chain to beverage distributors. It is truly the most flexible, fun and unique loyalty reward program in the market,” adds Adams.
How it works
i-Rewards is simple to play — and addictive. When players start up the free app on their device, i-Rewards users receive their daily (or weekly) allotment of tickets to play. Your customers can play anywhere and anytime on their iPhone or iPod Touch. The fun nature of the game ensures that players will return over and over again to test their luck and win points to redeem for in-store items (or points/rewards in the game itself, such as more game tickets).
Using Wi-Fi or GPS to contact customers is one of many valuable features for retailers
i-Rewards can be configured easily to provide retailers with an extensive menu of ways to contact customers directly and discreetly without being annoying. For example, the local store could use Wi-Fi or GPS to welcome app users with a coupon or sale sheet as they walk into the store (or if they are nearby).
“i-Rewards is designed to give the retailer maximum flexibility in designing an app that addresses their unique loyalty needs while also giving the customer the freedom to dictate the exact amount of communication they desire from the retailer,” said Colin Adams. “The result is an app that can only help the loyalty program reach its goal of bringing the customer and retailer closer together.”
Customer-focused and information rich for data mining
Customers can use the app to track their in-store loyalty point totals quickly and easily. Retailers can use the loyalty and purchasing info with the app to automatically help customers build shopping lists (message to customer upon entering the store: “Did you know that XYZ mayonnaise is on special this week?”). The ability to receive a weekly PDF of the store flyer means fewer expensive newspaper inserts and bulk mailers. Another aspect is data-mining of the information accumulated from the app system to help in making management decisions.
In addition, the traditional loyalty card bar code could be included in the member’s device, so that it’s easily available when the card is left at home or lost. Retailers could customize their app so that customers can redeem points won on the game toward an existing loyalty program, in-store photofinishing, additional discounts, online discounts and other items. With a customizable app, there are many possibilities; perhaps most importantly, customers can turn off the features they don’t want. The end result is that the retailer’s loyalty program never annoys, but instead builds a positive relationship.
Retailers interested in gaining more information about this loyalty application can email
About Firm Applications:
Firm Applications Inc. is a Vancouver-based company of iPhone application specialists who design world-class applications for the iPhone and iTouch for corporations and retail organizations. The company’s mission is to create custom iPhone applications for companies and corporations that further their branding, increase market share, and both entertain and inform current and potential customers.